Montessori Newborn Gift Set  🇺🇸


Welcome your sweet baby to the world with the gift of natural learning materials. This gift set is inspired by the belief that early learning tools are essential for the development of young minds, as encouraged by Maria Montessori.

The easily grasped rattle makes a gentle clacking noise as it's shaken, encouraging baby to track sound and movement early on. Grasping beads provide baby with interesting textures and encourage the development of intentional grasping skills. Interlocking discs provide an easily grasped object as baby begins working on fine motor skills, passing the discs from hand to hand. As baby grows, the interlocking discs encourage baby to crawl as it rolls away with a slight touch. 

These early learning toys make a beautiful gift set for a baby shower or as a new baby gift.

Spot clean with a wet cloth or mild soap.

Made in the United States of America. 

Additional Information:

  • Each set includes - 1 interlocking disc, 1 grasping bead, 1 rattle, and 1 organic cotton drawstring bag for convenient storage
  • Made out of Maple wood, organic cotton, and non-toxic glue
  • Weight - 0.25 lb